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Windstorm and hail insurance provides protection against damage done to property by unusually high winds, cyclones, tornadoes, or hurricanes. It is perhaps the most important component of property coverage in Florida. Although most property policies include wind/hail coverage, some factors may cause an insurance carrier to exclude this coverage and a separate wind/hail policy must be added.

The agents at Black Bear will review your property exposure and provide you with a quote to include the peril of windstorm and hail in the same policy. If there are factors present that will prevent us from finding a carrier willing to write this coverage together, then we will review these with you and advise you of the details on why this coverage cannot be written. We will then search for a market that is willing to write just the wind and hail exposure on your property. If you are interested in obtaining this coverage, please contact one of our agents or our office.

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