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Agency History 

Black Bear Insurance Agency was founded in 2001 and we have built a reputation out of serving smaller employers. We built our services around the needs of our largest clients and we provide those same services to even the smallest business owners. Businesses of all sizes benefit from the same services that provide insurance information and protection to operate your business successfully.

In order to assist our clients of all sizes, we have developed this website to allow:

Company Values

Black Bear Insurance Agency has the following mission:

As Black Bear protects the business values of our clients with integrity, responsiveness and competency, we will naturally protect the needs of our employees in the same manner.

All of our employees believe in the values of integrity, responsiveness and competency. Black Bear Insurance Agency is a professional organization that naturally believes in protecting the needs of our customers and employees.

Family Oriented Final

Family Oriented

Like many of the clients we serve, Black Bear is family oriented and privately owned. We know what it means to build something of lasting value for our family while providing excellent services to our clients. Over time, our clients and our agency become one 'Big Family'.

Information About Black Bear Final

Information About Black Bears

The American Black Bear  has a habitat that ranges from the swamps of Florida to the mountains of Alaska. It is one of America's largest and most exciting mammals.


American Black Bear

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