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Workers' Comensation is a state mandated protection that provides benefits to employees for any injuries or diseases and the resulting loss of work arising out of and in the course of employment. It is required in Florida for businesses over four employees and businesses in the construction industry with more than one employee.

Workers' Compensation is the line of insurance that has the largest premium for most of our clients. At Black Bear Insurance Agency, we are able to work with you to control this cost. Reviewing classifications, checking experience modifications, controlling claims, reviewing audits, managing the claims process, arranging dividend plans, designing safety groups, and doing safety reviews with you are different tools that we have done with our clients that have shown positive results. We also take pride in finding the most competitive programs available for our clients to place their Workers' Compensation coverage.

Black Bear Insurance Agency was founded by a workers' compensation company and we know that our expertise in this coverage adds value to the service we provide our clients. We created another website that provides this information and is a resource for business owners on workers' compensation insurance in the the state of Florida. Please visit this website,, for more information on this type of insurance. Please feel free to fill out our online contact form or call our office to ask us any questions related to Florida workers' compensation or any other types of insurance coverage that we offer.

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